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Um, Good Job, Linds

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Like how I totally sucked at blogging on my second trip to Manila? Pretty classic. Right now my friend, Erin is over there and she’s an all-star blogger. Her experiences, meals, hotel room, and adventures are very similar to mine. Check it out. Samesies.


And Away We Go…Again

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After planning and packing and going to the mall, I finally packed. I was numb the whole time. Erik brought me to the airport and dropped me off and I teared up for 5.5 seconds until it was time to check in at the business elite counter. Oh yes. It is fairy dust and tulips. I made my way to the Delta lounge for maybe some vino and a comfy chair. Who do I see? Jenny Davis and her lux hair. Then I see her boyf who I met at Brett’s wedding. Then I see Michelle and Jim! I stop over and we sit together and have drinks and snacks and talk about our upcoming adventures. We tried to get Brad and his wife in as my guests but since I’m ONLY flying b-class and not a SkyMiles membah, I can’t get them in. Rude. Still it was fun to catch up with the Davis family. Time to board!

Check it out. October is breast cancer awareness so it is pink all over. Love those flight attendents. But I guess you pay for it.

I had my bit of bub and got ready for the ride. Long ass. I watched plenty of movies. Date Night, Grown Ups (is it in Adam Sandler’s contract to make less and less funny of movies or what?) Toy Story 3, and maybe 1 more.

I made it to Tokyo and hit up the Delta Lounge for a funky beer machine Soporro and then went to my NRT-MNL flight. The other white-ass business men upstairs were looking at their blackberries about oh, you know, some sort of typhoon. I was like, whaaat? Girl child! More on that later. Anyway, I made it to Manila, got to the hotel, and drank my carton of wine that I stowed in my luggage. Best idea yet.


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Look for more updates coming soon.  October 2010.  I’m going back.

Homeward Bound!

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Time to pack it up, pack it in.  Let me begin.  Well, it was St. Patrick’s day.   House of Pain!

Anyway, we got up bright and early (ok, usual time on a work day) squeezed in the van, and headed to the airport.  Seriously, first class is great but the best part is getting to cut in lines and being first off the plane therefore first in line.  Loved it. 

Let’s see.  I watched Invention of Lying, Up in the Air, A Serious Man, and Public Enemies.  Nice.

Gotta have a pre-flight bit of bubbly.  Cheers.

Delta lounge in Tokyo.  Sake, sushi, Saporro.  Nom!

Then Erik got me at the MSP airport and it was gorgeous out and I loved it!  We went to the Nook and I had a Guiness.  Ok 2.  Home is magical–but I’ll always have a place in my heart for Manila.  And scene.

Making the Most of the Final Days

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We finally made a trip to the Manila American Cemetary and Memorial.  We can see it from the office and drive by it every morning and afternoon.  It was pretty neat.  So hot out.  They really take good care of the grounds.  The grass was like a putting green on a golf course in some spots.  Really beautiful and peaceful.

Then we went to Bonifacio High-Street to do some shopping and have dinner.  Lots of people bring their doggies to this shopping area.  Like.

R.O.X. is such a fun store. 

It was SO hot out.  So, yeah.  Time for a marg.  It reminded us of the snow we were missing back home.

Lebowski & Uncle Cheffy

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The text team took Becky and me bowling.  I was on team 3 and I’m pretty sure we had the best score.  Ok, I know we had the best score because I checked when we finished.

Me, Lystra, Wina, Nats, and Justin (Becky’s hubby)

Then, dinner.  At Uncle Cheffy!  It was really really good.  I mean, really good.  Yummy.

It is a big group.