I Like Fridays

Work was fun.  A little bit of the same–Becky and I had on the same pants, the Samsung AC was blowing coooold air, and one of the elevators at the office tired to murder us.  We did get to wear jeans which is always choice and we got cute goodie bags to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  And I got a welcome gift–a necklace and this mug!  Here is a photo of a happy Friday:

After work I strolled down to SM to finally stock my pantry with some food stuffs (and a few beers…see above).  What an exciting experience.  So many people and then when a chime goes off, they all clap and say something about being there to serve you!  I’ve heard that they use the adjective “jolly” to describe themselves.  Yes, I agree.  Anyway, I got some Thai chicken pizza fixings  (If you don’t know, TCP is my specialty.  I am a pro at making it and it is beyond delicious.)  and some other snacks.

Check out these naughty little treats!  Soft shell crab pringles, adobo crackers, and Fuji apple Mentos…the freshmaker. 

I will be utilizing my rice cooker by making some veggie rice. 

And I just want to give a quick shoutout to Jun and Jeck.  They are fine young gentlemen who clean my room every day…not that it’s at all dirty, but I sure appreciate it.  A nice tip and accompanying smiley faced note that says thank you resulted in this!  I love it.

~ by lindsaypell on February 12, 2010.

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