Weekend, I Prefer the Weekend!

Another work week came to an end.  Fridays are pretty fun.  The class told us that they were going to eat, sleep, and drink…water for their weekend plans.  Oh, and someone had a date and was going to buy a new dress.  Oooooh!

For my plans, I was going to go meet Erik at the airport!  Becky offered to come with me which was a brilliant idea.  Getting into a cab in a strange foreign city without a cell phone could be dangerous!  It took forever to get a cab outside our hotel area.  Friday nights are busy here!  We managed to get to the airport and found our way down to the arrivals after a few security guards said no and pointed to where we should go.  After a tinge of panic started to set in, suddenly I saw Erik standing there!  Oh, phew.  Now when Becky’s husband comes, we’ll be old pros at this.  We hopped in another cab and made our way back to the Ascott.  Hooray.

Saturday.  Erik and I woke up and went to SM so I could show him mall protocol.  After that we went to the pool and had some brews.  Summer is starting here and it is really really hot.  And I am NOT complaining!

San Mig.  Ahhh.

I took Erik out for some Filippino cuisine for dinner.  Yum.

Sunday.  We met up with the group in the morning and hopped in the van.  Our first stop was Chinatown.  It was very different.  Lots of sights and smells that were new.  Next stop was Rizal Park and Intramuros.  So much history!  Last, we traveled to the MOA (the A stands for Asia this time) to see the Pyromusical.  SO amazing.  The UK show was my favorite.  I loved the songs and I saw some fireworks that I’ve never seen before. 

“Chinatown my Chinatown, where the lights are low.  Hearts that know no other land, drifting to and fro.”  That was in my head all morning.  How could it not be.

Lots of history with the purple firetrucks.  Goog the deets.

Rizal Park.  José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda is super duper interesting.  Look into it maybe.  And we went to Intramuros but I really didn’t take many pictures there because I’m lazy.

Philippine International Pyromusical.  So fun!  The UK presentation was top.  It was aces.  Brilliant.  Brill.  Glass of water for Mr. Grainger.  We saw the show from a restaurant balcony at the MOA overlooking Manila Bay.  So awesome.

Oh, looky.  Some dudes took our photo and it is now on the http://www.pyrophilippines.com/ website.  They totally superimposed those fireworks in.  I’m not going to lie.

~ by lindsaypell on February 22, 2010.

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